For complete car electrical services in Blackburn South

From batteries to air conditioning

Pace Auto Electronics is your one-stop-shop for all car electrical services in Blackburn South. We can install new batteries, repair your air conditioning, or install a new car alarm. We have cutting-edge diagnostic technology to get you back on the road faster, and experienced technicians to ensure all installations and repairs are of the best possible quality.   

Electrical services

Electrical services

Pace Auto Electronics's comprehensive car electrical services include:

  • Air conditioning installation and repair
  • Reversing alarms
  • Driving lights

For more information or a complete list of prices, please feel free to contact us in Blackburn South via (03) 9898 4498 or 

Installation and servicing

Installation and servicing of electric car equipment

Pace Auto Electronics is the expert team when it comes to the installation of auto electrical services. We'll have your new products or feature installed perfectly before you know it, so you'll be free to get moving again in no time. 

We also provide great after-sales care, and can service all auto electrical products at our Blackburn South workshop. 

Diagnostics and repair

satisfied customer with Blackburn South's auto electrician of choice

Our cutting-edge equipment makes the diagnosis of auto electrical issues a much simpler process than in years gone by.

The reduced time taken for diagnosis thanks to this technology is passed on to you in the form of savings. We spend less time working on your vehicle, so you pay less. It's that simple.